Symmetry Improved Photon Maps


This thesis proposes a novel approach towards tackling the
global illumination problem. The basic idea is to improve the quality of photon maps by reusing lighting from different parts of the scene, but also to show that reuse is a viable strategy for improving global illumination in general.
The scene is separated into symmetrical segments and parts of the scene, that share similar radiance are identified. By using the symmetrical relationships between the segments, these areas are then filtered with a version of the non-local means filter that works on photon maps. Depending on the input quality of the photon map, the project managed to improve the quality of the density estimation render significantly. Below you can find the text and code for the thesis. If you’re interested and/or would like to do something with it, please let me know – I’ll be happy to help, if needed.


Test Resutls
Mean Square Error Comparison


  • Boilerplate Photon Map Implementation
  • Proposing and implementing a descriptor for comparing and filtering illumination patches
  • Proposing and implementing a novel “pass based” rendering approach for efficiently visualizing the filtered photon map


Full Thesis
Project Code


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