Sketchlist 3D


Sketchlist 3D is a woodworking and furniture design software, the program allows for designing all sorts of furniture, such as cabinets, tables, chairs etc.
The user can also choose between a wide range of materials and add their own if needed. Sketchlist 3D also allows for cutting out irregular shapes from boards using its spline-based cutout functionality, as well as exporting blueprints.
The project is build in Qt, Ogre and C++ and my duties were a mix of general programming tasks, implementation of new features requested by the client and core architectural design and refactoring.


Render View
Render View
Sketchlist 3D
Sketchlist 3D


  • Refactoring main rendering code to allow for multiple perspective render targets
  • Implementing “Materials” window for selecting materials and textures for objects and adding your own
  • Various bug fixes and improvements to main coordinate system module.



Client Website


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