Online Medical Imaging Viewer


The Online Medical Imaging Viewer (or OMIV for short) is an online educational and medical imaging tool I developed for Ivalalearn. The entire project is done completely in Unity, works in Webgl 2.0 and can be used in the browser. The OMIV is capable of most features of regular desktop medical imaging viewers, including regular volumetric rendering and MIP(Maximum Intensity Projection). The viewer support import from both DICOM and NIFTI data.

Currently the studies need to be preprocessed in order to be shown in the browser, but in future direct loading DICOM data from the user if possible. Although the project is loosely based on another developer’s work, I had to rewrite almost all of the code and redo the entire architecture both in the webgl part and desktop preprocessor.


Animation OMIV Crafting


The project was for the most part developed by me, with some contributions from other team members.

  • UI Develpoment – implementing UI/UX designer’s vision for the viewer
  • Shaders – ray-marhcing implementation and performance improvements where possible
  • DICOM / NifTI importer




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