Mendel’s Masterpiece


Mendel’s Masterpiece (Mendels Meesterwerk) is a joint project between the Utrecht University and Art Academy (HKU). It is pilot for an educational game aimed at kids, 8-12 years old. The game uses the botanical garden of the University Museum in Utrecht as a setting to teach children about the basic laws of botany and genetics, and what it means to be a scientist. It highly relies on the botanical garden, as kids are able to explore it, discover plants scan them, and use them inside the game to crate new plants.
The aim of the game is for children to “collect DNA samples” from plants in the  botanical garden and “merge” those together using the mobile app. The app uses a novel L-Systems approach to merge and render the newly created plants.
My role on this project was developing the L-Systems engine that handles rendering and merging of the plants. The engine was written in C++ and uses the NDK to work on android tablets, but can also work on Windows and is easily portable to other platforms.


Scanning Device
Scanning Device
Animated Character – “Meike”
Plant Generator
Plant Generator


  • Took part in the game design process
  • Plant Generator, that uses L-Systems to assemble new plants out of already defined original ones.



Plant Generator Code


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