Bacteroids Demo

I’ve been working on a new game for the last 3-4 months and finally  a playable version on the game is finally released. The original idea for this first iteration improved quite a lot as a I was play-testing it so I skipped a minor version number to 0.2.0.

Right now, I’m strong in the need of any kind of feedback I can get , so I’ll be grateful to anyone tries the game and lets me know what they think.

Here is a gameplay video to get your juices flowing:


You can follow the game’s development and download the demo here, also you can play a web version here.

A few notes:

What this is.

  • This is a plyable early demo ( you can call it alpha or pre-alpha) of Bacteroids.
  • It has some basic functionality that I want to test like movement, evolution, and waves.
  • It also has some basic tutorial.

I’m still continuing to develop it, in fact I plan to focus on gameplay in the next months and dish out new version more often.

What this is NOT

  • It’s by no means a complete game.
  • It ‘s not bug free – probably still has some bugs (although I tried to fix most I found).
  • It doesn’t implement most of the game design ideas I have yet, and could probably feel a bit shallow and incomplete (but that’s the point of the demo)

I’ll appreciate it if you guys, have a look at the demo and let me know what you think.


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