Patterns and Book Resize

I’ve been hard at work in the last few weeks on improving the gameplay.

First of all, here are a whole bunch of tweaks to the existing one

  • The player’s movement is no longer based on physics forces, but directly moving the game object
  • The player now falls a lot slower, making stacking a LOT easier
  • I wrote a proper stacking mechanic, that gives me control over when a stack of books falls. (It still relies on 2D physics, but Unity’s 2D physics is not that great)
  • “Remaining Books” now counts only ones which are not laying in a stack or on the ground, this means that you no longer have to worry about having a lot of stacks.


the stacking line will now be raised only if a stack of books has come combination of colors, in a sense similar to tetris.

Book Resize

Unity has a 9-sliced sprite support in UI that’s very useful for resizing UI elements. But, I couldn’t figure out a way to make use of that ingame, beside making the books UI elements (children of a canvas), but that sounded very wrong.
So I implemented my own 9-sliced sprite support!
With some support for drawing the lines that simulated pages in a book. This allows me to have books of any size in the game without sqiushing or stretching the border( as shown above).
That’s it from me for now, more updates will be coming soon.


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